Thursday, 17 November 2011

Vitrified tiles - Found in many forms

Vitrified tile is a tile which has been processed in such a manner that it has extremely low porosity and water assimilation which makes it mark resistant and very tough.
Vitrified tiles have changed the trade scenario of Indian market. There are presently not many vitrified tiles manufacturers and the demand of this sort of tiles in Indian market is rising day by day. The best tile companies in India are trying to include this product in their assortment of offerings.
Vitrified Tiles’ might seem to be a term to you; however it is simply a type of tile with extremely low water assimilation.

Less water assimilation property makes vitrified tiles acid/alkali/chemical resistant, imparts better strength & makes it mark resistant.
Vitrified tiles are made with dust compression process, which makes it harder, denser & less absorbent than usual ceramic tiles. It is fired up at extremely high temperatures, more than 1250 degree centigrade resulting in a very tough, thick, homogenous cover. These are then polished to a very high finish, by means of precisely the similar equipment that is used to polish the Granite as well as Marble. As, these are less absorbent then ceramic tiles, they are also simple to clean.
Industry normal water absorption score for vitrified tiles is <0.5%
Vitrified tiles falls into a few sub categories as below:

Soluble salt: Vitrified tiles that are printed with screen printing technology and after that are polished are identified as soluble salt. The designs of such tiles are exposed to fade after wear & tear of a small number of years.

Full body vitrified tiles: These kinds of tiles have color all the way throughout the body (width) of the tile. Due to this scratches are less visible. These are created with the paint combination pre-added while building the body.

Nano polished Vitrified tiles: If we apply a coating of liquid silica on these tiles, in that case it fills up the micro (nano) pores on the surface and makes it smoother in feel.

Glazed Vitrified tiles (GVT): Major benefit of GVT is that it offers choice of making any sort of design/art work that is only feasible in this kind of tiles. Lots of kinds of textures (like wooden, bamboo, slate or granite) are feasible with GVT.


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